Signs of Logan

The sign came when I was in a Goodwill store looking for cheap pictures to cover my bare walls. I downsized from a four bedroom two-car garage house, that was no longer a home, in a typical grass-groomed suburbia neighborhood to a two bedroom apartment in middle one of the busiest tech centers in the […]

Am I still a mom?

The firsts are beyond hard. Here comes another one, Mother’s Day.  What does Mother’s Day mean to a mom whose only child is dead? Am I still a mother? I won’t be getting any cards, well wishes, flowers, a big hug, kiss on the cheek or half-baked pancakes loaded with whip cream from my son […]

Finding treasures

I hang on to everything I can find of Logan’s such as his pictures, his running shoes, his special shirts and his goal boards.  As I go through his room, I find written treasures tucked away in a book or crumpled up deep in a drawer. Today, I came across one of the first pieces […]

Marathon man

I learned a lot of things from my son Logan who died in a truck crash last July. One thing I learned was his strong will to be extraordinary. School and sports did not come naturally to Logan. He had a learning disorder. The Children’s Hospital told me when he was three that they couldn’t […]

Love letter from my son

Eight months before Logan died in a truck crash, he wrote me a letter on my 54th birthday. He had no money to buy me a gift, but his words and the love behind them meant more than all the money in the world. For those of you who knew him, you will discover he […]

Last hours

I lost my 19-year-old son Logan to a car crash July 22, 2016. This story is a letter to Logan, telling him about his last hours. It was painful to write. In the pain, I get stronger so I can put one foot in front of the other in the journey called grief. Your last […]